Standards are the guidelines that are made by the authority so as to work in a specified criterion. Web Standards are basically the rules and principles established to promote consistency and a proper way to create and present the design code which will make up the webpage.

The conventional way of doing this is to go with the markup language which finds how a web site or a webpage will display in a browser window when it will be searched.

The general view of standard based web designing involves:

  1. A search engine should be able to access with great efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. The website would easily display all kind of screens like computers, laptops, pads, tablets or even cellphone which will assess to enhance the number of viewing audience.
  3. Modifications could be easily made by changing one style sheet with the required color or font instead of working on each and every single page of the website. Thus, saves time and cost both.
  4. Before the usage of these standards, the designers were not aware properly with the invalid syntax due to which the webpages face a problem and were not easily accessible or even sometimes due to the addition of images as text, the bandwidth increases drastically and makes it difficult wherever fast internet connections were not at hand.